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Very close to the before mentioned areas such as Oberhof, Kovarska, Neudorf and Oberwiesenthal, crashd some other US and German planes. For this tour I have joined them into this particular section. You may find here also the section dedicated to US escort fighters which participated on this battle, also as some other general information.


schema_3_0_m.jpg (18616 bytes)
(click on the chart for details)


Crew of Lt. Vance Mooring (95th BG) - B-17G 42-97334
- 9 POW - crashed near of Schmalzgrube, Ger.   11.9.1944

m-334_PICT0031_041002.JPG (22669 bytes) m-334_PICT0032_041002.JPG (20190 bytes) m_334_btg_52.JPG (20521 bytes) m-334_PIC00002.jpg (16216 bytes)

Global look to showcase dedicated to the Mooring crew

On right - detail of the showcase with various plane wreckage, including instruments and ammo system. On center are personal memorabilia donated by the engineer and top turret gunner Charles P. Stein, such as his patches, gunner wings, watches, medals.
On right are items related to his POW

Detail of some wreckage of the Ball Turret, which was operated by Sgt. Tom Merriman, which family received similar pieces from us... Piece from an instrument equipment wisible writting? "..ETURN SLOT BEFORE... ASE... A-4 24 VOLTS... ASSEMBLY N....198....RO"
Who can identify this?
m-moerke.jpg (13119 bytes) PHOTO
(coming soon)
m-334_PIC00015.jpg (19159 bytes) m-334_PICT0037.JPG (18705 bytes)
Bombardier of this crew Bob Moerke visited the Museum in 2000 Original navigator of that plane and author of the noseart, Lloyd O. Krueger, was the only US veteran who was able to travel overseas to visit us on terrible 11. September 2001 Switch ro fuel linew was placed close to the engineer / top turret gunner position. On last mission of this plane it was Charles P. Stein (see on right) Engineer of this crew Charlie Stein (on left) while talking to German fighter pilot Kurt Shiebeler in front of his showcase 
(58th Anniversary of the battle - September 2002)
This area is dedicated to the crew
   Lt. Vance R. Mooring - POW
   Lt. Carl R. Swanson - POW
   Lt. Alfred P. Janson - POW
   F/O. Robert A. Moerke - POW
   Sgt. Charles P. Stein - POW
   Sgt. Frank Aliveto - POW
   Sgt. Thomas H. Merriman - POW
   Sgt. William P. Martin - POW
   Sgt. John P. Weber - POW
The only lose of the 95th FG in the late phase of the battle was A/C piloted by Vance Mooring. The entire crew bailed out and were taken POW. The abanonded plane crashed on slopes of valley between Steinbach and Schmalzgrube, Germany.

Story of this particular plane, B-17G 42-97334 "Haard Luck" you may read on the book "Trials and tribulations of a Lady" written by her original navigator, Lloyd O. Krueger. See details at the page PX

First contacts with some of the crew we made in 1998-1999. In 2000 we were visited by the Bombardier, Bob Moerke and in 2002 by the TT/E Charlie Stein. In 2001 came also the original navigator and "adoptive father" of that plane, Lloyd Krueger.
The first family which we contacted, was of the BTG Tom Merriman (1998) and in 2004 it is family of the WG William P. Martin.


Lt. Francis R. Gerard (339th BG) - P-51D 44-13808 - 4 victories
and the 339th FG & 55th FG battle participants

m-339_PIC00029.jpg (15404 bytes) m-Gerard_PIC00042.jpg (20220 bytes) m-Gerard_PIC00032.jpg (16072 bytes) m-Gerard_PIC00034.jpg (16713 bytes)
General look on the area dedicated to fighters of the 339th FG (see the panel on upper right) and victims of the 55th FG. Look to the showcase dedicated to Major General Francis R. Gerard, who as 20 claimed four destroyed german fighters during this battle. On right a model of Gerard´s Mustang which he flew in the battle 1944 photo of Lt. Gerard in his Mustang with hand written regard to the museum.
m-gerard_f.jpg (19132 bytes) m-339_PIC00033.jpg (20729 bytes) m-M3_PIC00200.jpg (13848 bytes)
Major General Francis Gerard was one of our honorary guests during the Museum opening ceremony in September 1997 Model of the "Follow me" Jeep used by the 339th Fighter Group in Fowlmere P-51 external fuel tank

Lt. Frank Gerard (20) from 503rd FS, 339th FG was the most succesful fighter of the battle, destroying four enemy fighters. He finished the war as ace with 8+ victories. In 1997 he as MajorGeneral he represented his unit in the Museum opening ceremony.

This area also contains panel dedicated to men of 503rd FS (339th FG) participating on tis mission
To build a panel dedicated to participants from 55th FG is planed on 2004


Lt. Kenneth T. Williams (55th FG) - P-51D Mustang - KIA
crashed at Grünhainichen, Ger.   11.9.1944

m-Williams55_PIC00041.jpg (17970 bytes) m-MIII_P-51whl_13.JPG (16181 bytes)
Look to the showcase dedicated to Lt. K. T. Williams P-51 landing gear wheel (this is NOT from Ken Williams´s crash... example only)
Lt. K.T.Williams was killed after low altitude bailing out near of Grünhainichen, Germany and was buried there. 


Uffz. Heinrich Hörner (II.Sturm/JG 4) - FW 190A-8/R2 - KIA
crashed at Dorf-Chemnitz, Ger.   11.9.1944

m-Horner_PIC00001.jpg (18349 bytes)

The area dedicated to Heinrich Hörner contains his own "Wehrpass" donated by his family a model of his "Yellow 6" and a stone of a memorial on which he crashed

Look to the showcase dedicated to Uffz. Hörner
Heinrich Hörner was killed while trying to crashland his Sturmböck at village Dorf-Chemnitz. he is buried there. We were able to contact his sister who donated to the museum his Wehrpass (pay book), which is displayed in the showcase.


Fw. Josef Tüssner (II.Sturm/JG 4) - FW 190A-8/R2 - wounded
crashlanded at Griessbach - Scharfenstein, Ger.     11.9.1944

m-Schocker_PIC00093.jpg (17420 bytes) m-Tussner_PIC00007.jpg (15446 bytes)
Look to the showcase dedicated to some Luftwaffe airmen. Fw. Tüssner far left Detail of the table dedicated to Fw. Tüssner
Josef Tüssner suffered injuries while his Fockewulf crashlanding close to Griesbach / Scharfenstein. When he recovered injuries, he returned to his unit and was killed a few weeks later on November 2nd, 1944. We were able to contact his widow.


A build-in showcase with various US Air Force equipment (for other see the showcase in Room II.)

m_MIII_jg4_42.JPG (16871 bytes) m-M3_PIC00194.jpg (17970 bytes) m_Gunter_60.JPG (17418 bytes) m_MIII_USAAF.JPG (18519 bytes)

A general look to the area with this build-in showcase (on left). Note the A-2 jacket (replica) on bottom, donated by Jack W. Janssen and the dinghy sail on left


Flak helmet

On right photo - early post-war uniform of former 100th BG lead navigator of this mission (Ruhland 11th Sept. 1944), Charlie Gunter. We have met Charlie in 1997, unfortunatelly, he died in 2002. The uniform was donated by his family, via the 100th Bomb Group Foundation in 2003

A detail of the showcase. Note also the flying gogles, donated by our member, Ken Breaux. Far bottom is lying the anti flak vest
m-M3_PIC00129.jpg (17743 bytes)
A cotton/linen flying green suit. Similar was found in Kovarska school in 1982 with documents of Sgt. J. C. Kluttz, the Mae West on is loaned 


Area dedicated to other JG 4 battle casualties of 11.9.1944, who presently don't have their own showcase, but are mentioned as well...

m_MIII_jg4_59.JPG (16689 bytes) Framed pictures on left (the right photo) and the "Knüppel" below were donated by Werner E. Dehr, Me 109 pilot and this battle participant, who attended the Museum opening ceremony and following reunions, died in 2001? 2001.  Below of the main section is area dedicated to Jung and Kabiol (see details in the "Part 4")

m-M3_PIC00014.jpg (15753 bytes)

The panel dedicated to the various JG 4 casualties see details on right

Rear part of the Luftwaffe
fuel tank

This area is dedicated to the JG 4 men:
   Hptm. Ernst Mündlein - KIA
   Uffz. Gustav Süllwald - bailed out - WIA
   Uffz. Günther von Venkstern - KIA
   Uffz. Hans Ammon - KIA
   Uffz. Günter Kinner - crashlanded, taps 2003
   Ogefr. Hans-Günter Lemmer - WIA
   Uffz. Karl Eilmes - KIA
   Oblt. Hans-Martin Markhoff - crashlanded
   Lt. Alfred Lausch - KIA
   Uffz. Erich Keller & Uffz. Herbert Chlond
       - both returned with claim of B-17.
         Keller is MIA since 1.1.1945, Dr. Chlond
         died in 2003
   Uffz. Günter Jung - KIA
   Uffz. Erwin Kabiol - KIA
In relation to the above mentioned men we were able to met family of E. Mündlein, Gustav Süllwald (personally in 2000), son of Hans Ammon, Günter Kinner (personally every year since 1997 till 2003 when he died), had contact with late K. Eilmes girlfriend, met Herbert Chlond (personally several times), met with grandson of H-G. Lemmer, still are looking for families of others


Uffz. Heinz Schien (III./JG 4) - Me 109G - KIA
crashed at Kühnheide, Ger   11.9.1944

m-Schien_2000_PIC00054.jpg (18837 bytes) m-Schien_2000_PIC00056.jpg (18928 bytes) m-Schien_2000_PIC00057.jpg (21660 bytes) m-Schien_2000_PIC00059.jpg (22803 bytes)
Look to the area dedicated to Uffz. Heinz Schien Detail of upper showcase with Heinz´s personal things and equipment and burned parachute Left & right separate looks to te showcase with instruments, the sticker, parts of the amm system, armored glass from the canopy, etc.
m-Schien_PIC00062.jpg (12121 bytes) m-Schienex01_025.jpg (15819 bytes) m-Schien_PIC00053.jpg (18693 bytes) m-Schien_2000_PIC00070.jpg (20529 bytes)
A prop blade scrolled by the power as engine was still running when plane hit the ground. On right site upper is visible the 0.50 caliber US amm hit Propeller reducer which was recovered on this great condition after 52 years spent in earth, almost 4 meters deep Smashed oil cooling radiator Cutted and burned belts and buckles ...
m-Schien_2000_PIC00084.jpg (20359 bytes) m-Schien_PIC00060.jpg (13192 bytes) m-Schien_2000_PIC00058.jpg (20562 bytes) m-Schien_PICT0094.JPG (19278 bytes)
Top part of the sticker, which Heinz Schien hold during his last flight. Plate from side of the cockpit with small ventilation doors One more look to the mail showcase with visible MK 131 machine-gun Frau Dora Fischer (center), Heinz Schien´s sister while one of her visits to the museum looks to the showcase with wrecks of her brother´s Messerschmitt...
Heinz Schien (22) was killed in combat close to Kühnhaide, Germany. In 1996 we found his crashsite in forest and then we have recovered most of the parts dispalyed. The same year we were able to contact his family, from which two sisters and brother already visited the museum


If you find a family member or someone you know on this site,
we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at


Photos on this site may not be reproduced without the written consent of the Museum



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